My Top 10: Favourite Fragrances

I absolutely ADORE fragrances, and just like fashion, having the latest and up-to-date scent is a continuously growing trend. This is a list of my favourite fragrances from varying designers and brands that I can say have lead me through the day without wearing off and certainly ones I will always go back to.

1. Nina Ricci – Nina L’Elixir eau de parfum

I found the eau de toilette version of this didn’t stay on throughout the day and became less noticeable, however the eau de parfum was a much better choice as it remained consistent. Very feminineand fruity, this is a perfect all day scent, varying from £33.99-£53.99


2. Gucci – Gucci Guilty Intense eau de parfum 

I originally tired the Gucci Guilty which I did love, but once I tried Gucci Guilty Intense, that changed everything! This one had so much more to offer, with a slightly different scent, a tad stronger but offering such a phenomenal sensation in terms of the overall smell offering undertones of warmth. This is definitely more of an evening, special occasion perfume that I highly recommend, prices from £43.00-£75.00


3. Stella McCartney – Stella eau de parfum

This was probably one of the first fragrances I started to wear and absolutely fell in love with it because of how unmistakably feminine it was, it’s so sleek and sexy that I would especially recommend for boyfriends, husbands to purchase for their ladies..and girls, you better be adding this to the Christmas list! Ranging from £52.00-£95.00


4.Thierry Mugler – Alien eau de parfum

If you prefer the more unusual of scents, I highly recommend this scent because, similar to the name it is very rare and unique. The bottle is absolutely exquisite and with this perfume, only a tiny amount is needed as a little really does go a long way. The initial smell is quite strong, but does slowly fade as the day goes on leaving a lovely light fragrance. Prices start from £44.00


5. Jimmy Choo – Jimmy Choo eau de parfum 

As soon as I knew jimmy Choo was releasing a fragrance you can imagine how soon I went to get a tester..I haven’t purchased this scent myself but I know quite a few people who have and when they wear it, it’s so soft and fruity with warmth and is definitely perfect as an all day fragrance for the sophisticated lady. Prices from £39.00-£49.00.


6. Lacoste – Touch of Pink eau de toilette 

The perfect, quick buy as this is so affordable and simply to wear, an absolute casual fragrance for any time of the day. Lacoste is perfect for laid back luxe and this is exactly what this perfume offers with modern and light scents. Perfectly low prices from £26.00-£50.00


7. Vera Wang – Pink Princess

Perfect for the younger girls, this is such a perfect fun fragrance for all those who love everything girly and pink! The bottle along oozes glamour and the scent follows swiftly behind. Extremely flirty and floral this is perfect for an ultimate lift! £33.00-£44.00


8. Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique 

For those who love a sexy smell, this is prefect for you. Sweet rose scents with hints of other floral and fruity tones and vixen elements this is super sexy..and not just the fragrance but the bottle is also amazingly sensual. An absolute evening/night perfume, this is sure to turn heads. £57.00-£75.00


9. Calvin Klein – Euphoria 

For a burst of fresh fragrance, this is so perfect for both day and night, it leaves an unforgettable scent and is simply beautiful. £35.00-£65.00


10. Kenzo – Flower

Unmistakably oriental, this incredibly unusual scent is musky, floral and soft. Perfect for those who love to wear more stronger perfumes that remain strong throughout the entire day. £38.00-£76.00



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