My Top 10: Fashion Influencers

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer made her stunning debut on the red carpet at the Oscars for her ‘Best Actress’ nomination for Winters Bone, she wore a gorgeous Calvin Klein red sultry dress, absolutely perfect for the Hollywood newbie to put let everyone know she had arrived. She starred in X Men: First Class, The Hunger Games and her second Oscar nomination for again ‘Best Actress’ for her role in Silver Linings. Never has she had an ‘evolution’ from good to bad, the moment she stepped foot on her first red carpet she was wise in her decisions and has always picked simply perfect items to compliment her body and represent her style as the cool, down to earth girl she is. Although she may have had a few wardrobe malfunctions during award season earlier this year like her dress ripping at the SAG Awards, or tripping over her Dior Couture at the Oscars..At the end of the day, at both those events she won herself some prestigious awards. No doubt J-Law is one to watch when it comes to fashion and her varying style and ability to transform herself from the chilled out girl from Kentucky to the stunning starlet on the red carpet.

2. Kourtney Kardashian

Famously known for her last name, the Kardashian sister has developed an amazing name for herself as not just part of her fabulous celebrity family but also her own person style. Kourtney and her sisters Kim and Khloe created their famous boutique in Calabasas named DASH, which soon the sisters decided to take to New York, Miami, the back to LA in Melrose. Kourtney in my eyes has a very unique sense of fashion and I have chosen to include her in my list as I believe once the buzz around her family and lifestyle is removed, she really is a simple girl with amazing style. During both her pregnancies Kourtney remained undoubtably chic and stylish without looking like she tried too hard and wanted attention, she wore clothes she felt comfortable in and made her look stunning even with the possible issues that may come with pregnancy. Maintaining a boho look in her everyday lifestyle but always up-ing the ante when it comes to red carpet events, she never fails to look sexy and perfectly groomed.

3. Jennifer Aniston

From my earliest years I was glued to the TV watching Friends every night because I was in love with the idea of being Rachel Greene, little did I know Jennifer Aniston was a pretty amazing woman herself. For me, I never noticed Jen’s style till almost quite recently  in terms of her career,The Bounty Hunter, Horrible Bosses and most recently We’re The Millers. Before this I always noted Jen stayed very safe with her wardrobe, with LBD and plain, simple dresses which some may say is boring and typical but for Jen it really works. She has a killer body with legs that scream “Look at me” and so that is exactly what she does..Why wear a fancy dress with obscure pattern and shape if you have the most stunning body in Hollywood to show off! A personality sometimes is just all someone needs to become and inspirational person and that is what I adore about Jennifer Aniston, I could sit for hours watching interviews of her speaking and not care what she wears despite my love for fashion. However, saying that, all of a sudden there has been a change in her red carpet choices, with pretty florals and silky purples Jen has been hit with designs I never would of thought she would have chosen and yet now she has, I really can’t imagine her in anything different. She will always be one of the most inspirational and beautiful people I will aspire to be like.

4. Johnny Depp

Tremendous costume changes and obscure dialect differences, it’s safe to say Johnny Depp is one of the most talented and flexible actors alive today. Male actors deserve credit for how they dress outside of their crazy lifestyles just as much as woman, however it may not seem that way with all the conflict over weight and appearance etc. perhaps because men do not have the same amount of insane pressure they are almost overlooked which is of course wrong. What I find with Johnny Depp is he almost brings his characters to life in himself, we don’t need to watch his films because each little piece of his characters seem to evolve slowly and become what it is to be Johnny Depp. His wardrobe choices are reckless, rock and roll and free. That is something I wish I would see more often in Hollywood but fail to because of particular judgments that could be made, but Johnny really is living his life without the fear of that judgment which we clearly see through his choices in clothes. A scarf draped over the neck, some retro glasses hanging off the nose, overcrowded hands filled with fake silver and gold rings..This is style. Personal style. Johnny doesn’t shy from showing the world who he is, which makes him a huge icon in terms of style.

5. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, more commonly known as Bella walked into most of our lives in 2008 as the miserable, indie girl who fell in love with a vampire. When it came time to present this to the world, we saw that in fact there isn’t a great deal of difference between that character and the actress herself. The Balenciaga gown we first saw her in was the start of Kristen’s style evolution, because without saying, she may have started off in some rather questionable dresses being rather tom boy like, but quite soon she was stealing the show in glimmering gold by Elie Saab, a sexy lace Zuhair Murad jumpsuit, gothic Roberto Cavalli and gorgeous J. Mendel dress for Breaking Dawn Part 1. Off camera, and somewhat away from the paparazzi, Kristen is famous for plain white t’s, skinnies, converse and a cap to make her extremely down to earth style made clear. One of the inspirational things about her style decisions is that she will do what she needs to do to make her films a success and make work for herself but when it’s time for her to be her again, she shuts down, wipes the smoky eyes off, removes the Louboutins and becomes the real Kristen Stewart. Although she probably doesn’t realise, she is a huge inspiration for younger girls who aren’t necessarily the most girliest of them all but like to just be them, and Kristen has made those young girls realise it’s okay to dress like you really do not care.

6. Jane Fonda

I’ve only ever seen one or two of Jane Fonda’s films, but I do know she is a phenomenal actress and legend in the business. For being 75 however, she is absolutely beautiful and sets such an example for the older generation of not just celebrities, but also.. the rest of the world, that no matter how old you are, you can look fabulous. Jane absolutely amazed me this year’s award season, she really gave the young starlets a run for their money at the Oscars as she simply dazzled in a sunshine yellow Valentino gown with Jimmy Choo sandals, then at the after party, she rocked Versace looking flawless. Her choices this year have been 100% on the dot and I do not think she’s had an ‘oops’ moment yet, and I really hope it stays that way. Jane is truly inspirational not just to woman her age, but to the younger generation also and will always be, her talent and personality compliment her forever hollywood glamour.

7. Emma Watson

From the young frizzy haired girl we all loved in Harry Potter to the young sexy starlet she is now, Emma Watson has dramatically changed over the years and evolved into a stunning English rose. It wasn’t till the final Harry Potter premieres that we really saw Emma’s change, when she chopped her locks off for a pixie look and stepped out in Rafael Lopez for Atelier Mayer was the moment she grew from the innocent Hermione to the stunner she is today. From then Emma has been nothing but exquisite in her fashion choices, even starting from the mere age of 17 when she dawned Chanel couture SS’07, Chanel seeming to be one of her favourite designers to becoming the face of Burberry for AW’9/10, she always seems to have had a foot in the door in fashion. After becoming part of Lacome’s illustrious list of brand ambassadors in 2011, not only does she stand out in the fashion world but also with her extremely flawless beauty she is a face of perfection. Literally and English rose she empowers what it is to be a young star..and how to do it right. There is lots to expect from Miss Watson in the years to come and i’m sure she’ll always be an inspiration for young girls everywhere who grew up with her.

8. Helena Bonham Carter 

Possibly one of the most talented woman in not only England, but all of Hollywood also, Helena Bonham Carter is a true hero in terms of her career not being all about the glitz and glamour, but the creative craft it actually is. She has been known to turn up to red carpet event in not so much outfits, but costumes. Vivienne Westwood being her most frequent go-to designers who herself is famous for her wild and eccentric outfits makes her and Helena best friends in terms of style. Helena is someone who does not care of the opinion of others in terms of how she dresses, she dresses free and wild representing her personality which is also reflected in her work. Alice in Wonderland, Sweeny Todd, Les Miserable, Corpse Bride and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are just some of her famous works amongst many, many more and in each of these she is able to transform herself into a completely genuine and honest character on-screen who we as audiences can believe in. When the time comes for her to be Helena again, similarly to Johnny Depp, each one of her characters seems to become incorporated into her everyday style. Dark, gothic and mysterious are just some of the words to describe her style, one of my favourite things about her is that her life is about being an artist, and that is just the same concept when it comes to her fashion choices.

9. Anne Hathaway 

I fell in love with both fashion, and Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. Her charm and how genuine wholesome she is, is what makes her one of America’s sweethearts, and her amazing talent makes her a very inspirational woman to look up to. Anne’s first role in one of my favourite childhood movies The Princess Diaries was what brought her into the limelight, at the time she was very young, and you could say very uneducated in the fashion world turing up to premieres in children’s prom dresses.. However, after The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserable (one of her most amazing performances yet which won her an Oscar may I add) when she offered to chop her locks for the role into a sweet pixie crop and slim down, the starlet went from sweet school girl to couture queen. Valentino is Anne’s absolute must-have on the red carpet, and he could happily dress her all day everyday from the comments he’s made about her, she is quite frankly an absolute idol in terms of style and is never afraid to experiment. My all time favourite moment from Anne Hathaway’s style evolution, was at the 2013 Met Gala which had the theme of ‘Punk’, she turned up in sheer vintage Valentino, her pixie hair dyed platinum blonde and with the designer himself as her date..She looked phenomenal and all through awards season this year she has done nothing but amaze.

10. Kate Middleton

I’ve never been one to follow our Royal Family, however when beautiful Kate Middleton appeared in that Issa sapphire dress..I became interested. The pressure she must feel to dress and present herself accordingly as a young lady not only in the media’s eye, but to be married to a Prince of England and become part of the Royal Family is phenomenal, but Kate done it with such grace, elegance and unbelievable style. What inspires me most about Kate’s style is that she is so real, she frequently is seen wearing Issa, Reiss, Topshop, Hobbs, Zara and Whistles which in most shopping locations are some of the most typical shops to fall upon which makes her looks accessible for all woman, of all ages to wear.  So to speak she has ‘broken royalty norms’ by wearing high heeled Jimmy Choo’s and wedges which came as a shock to most but at the same time, we applauded Kate for being such an individual. She is no stranger to designer clothing, her stunning wedding dress made by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen was absolutely breathtaking, it wasn’t ridiculously huge but simply perfect for the most important day of her life. She has been spotted in a Burberry trench, a Jenny Packham dress accessorised with a Prada clutch, Alexander McQueen, Erdem, Diane von Furstenberg and Ralph Lauren just to name a few. As soon as the Duchess announced her pregnancy during winter 2012, she appeared in coats so her bump wasn’t quite noticeable, it wasn’t until this spring/summer when she was seen in tunics that we could see her little bump. The day after she gave birth she appeared with little baby George she walked out of the hospital in front of the world in a cute Jenny Packam sky blue dress with polka dots. Kate Middleton really has proven that a little’s girls dreams of becoming a princess really can come true.


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  1. What a super article! I realllyy enjoyed it! I am also inspired by Jen Lawrence and Kate Middleton – gorgeous girls !! I have tweeted this article ! You have an awesome blog here and write so so well! Check out mine when you get a chance… 🙂

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